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Nativity Seating - Outdoor Seating

Nativity Seating


This outdoor seating would be a great addition to any school playground. Studies show that when class is outside children retain more information. The connection with the environment provides memorable triggers that help recall lessons. This Nativity Seating provides an excellent classroom environment. All children are able to sit on the surrounding seating whilst the teacher is in the middle. This also allows all children to equally see the same thing. In addition, when class is practical, it is easy for children to pass something along the line! The design creates a harmonious environment which can spread positive vibes between everyone.

Alternatively, the teacher can take a back seat and allow the children to stand at the front. Although the thrown chair is clearly where individuals can face this does not limit it to one person. Groups of children can stand in the front and perform or teach a lesson of their own. They might want to teach about a bird they have been learning about. Or possibly perform their favourite nursery rhyme. The design of the seating provides the perfect stage for children to get up and shine!

Overall, the possibilities are endless for the uses of this seating! It could even be a rest and revive point! After all, what are seats for!

In addition, the product is made from high quality Scandinavian pine and finished with a treatment to strengthen the wood. Allowing it to stand for years to come!

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