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FHS 906192100R Suspended Bridge

Suspended Bridge


The "Suspended Bridge" is a fun addition to a play area of any size. Bridges are completely versatile; they can be join together play equipment, add height, enhance mounds or be the perfect lookout point. This suspended bridge challenges children with the climbing ladder before they reach the top. The bridge platform is study, however has a slight wobble when children run across. This adds an element of excitement and enhances the bridge from any traditional piece they're familiar with. The platform is also at a height where parents are able to walk with their child, and assist where needed. In addition, the suspended bridge uses high quality materials, catering to high footfall!

This unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel.

Technical information
Age Range: 3-12
No. of Users: 6
Critical Fall Height: 1.2m
Surface Area: 24.4m²