Established in 1984, FHS are a German company who specialises in the manufacture of handcrafted play equipment. They have a catalogue of over 2500 products available in pine, larch, steel, and Robinia. Having worked with FHS since 2009 we work mostly with their Robinia play equipment as we believe it to be of the highest quality available in the UK market. Robinia is a class 1 resistant timber and is resistant to rot and fire damage to name a few. All timber play equipment is not the same, for a full factsheet on the FHS process please visit our resources section where you can learn more about what makes the FHS Robinia range the top choice. As well as a comprehensive catalogue of products we are also pleased to offer a bespoke design service with the FHS range and have designed many intriguing sites, from Captain Cook's ship The Endeavour to the wonderful world of ice-cream! *Please note: Due to the immense product range, we can only showcase the most popular FHS products on the Jupiter website. Please visit the FHS website to explore the full catalogue 

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The Galopin outdoor play equipment range is a stylish contemporary solution for the modern playground. They are strong contenders in the international market with a presence in over 20 countries in 3 continents. With a 15,000m² manufacturing facility and 80 members of staff, they are able to deliver large scale projects and have also designed some of the most fantastic bespoke pieces for tourist resorts across the globe

We chose Galopin as our partners for play and sports equipment as their range fits with the design and style-driven ethos by Jupiter Play where attention to detail and high-quality components are vital. This includes cast aluminum fixtures and fittings and marine-grade stainless steel components ensuring our client's long term durability and creative play solutions.

Galopin also supports the As Salguieras Foundation, located close to their offices. This is a centre in Spain that offers medical assisted therapies for children with special needs and disabilities. The Design team spends many hours here learning about the children's needs and many of the Galopin products have several sensory features that have been designed in direct response to this open learning environment.

Please visit the Galopin website to explore the full catalogue 

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Yalp are leading the way with their series of interactives that encourage inter-generational play, activity, fitness and of course fun! They have mastered transforming the digital allure of the gaming world into a number of playful interactives that still have the sophisticated technology that Generation Z and the Millennials are used to, but in a far more social and constructive context - no more screen time - just active playtime! The Yalp products also connect with the internet so it is possible to monitor usage levels, adjust settings and update games remotely! In 2014, Yalp's own R&D team won the RedDot award! This is widely acknowledged as the worlds' most prestigious design award. It is considered "The Oscars of the design industry." Previous RedDot winners included Apple, BMW, and Nike.

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Inclusive Play

Inclusive Play are the only company in the play industry solely dedicated to understanding the needs of children and families with special needs and disabilities. Their vision is to design, develop and manufacture quality products that enable children – no matter what their ability – to play together. They have created a number of playground favourites that can be added to any play area to make it more accessible. In addition to this unique product portfolio they are transforming attitudes to inclusive design. In association with KIDS, the disabled children’s charity they have developed PIPA an assessment tool for inclusive play area design.

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Linie M

Linie M – Metall Form Farbe – GmbH has been manufacturing state-of-the-art playground equipment made from stainless steel and steel for over 25 years. The designs are beautifully considered to create a real sculptural showpiece that create a sense of place and character, no matter how small the space. Linie M is widely used on new developments across the globe and Jupiter Play are proud to offer the full range since 2019.  

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Norwell Fitness

Norwell Outdoor Fitness was founded in 2007 by the Barkholt family from Denmark. During travels in Asia, the family experienced how the public outdoor fitness parks everywhere offer easy access to exercise, and the perfect supplement to the family’s walking and running routines. This experience inspired the Barkholt family to develop their own unique line of outdoor fitness equipment, expressing the very best of Danish Design: quality, functionality and aesthetics. As a front-runner within the outdoor fitness concept, Norwell quickly became specialists in designing, delevoping, and marketing outdoor fitness equipment. Today Norwell is represented by Outdoor Fitness parks in most of Europe, Asia, North American and Australia.

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Launched in the UK in 2014 Urbanix is the fastest growing brand for outdoor gym equipment. Its patented hydraulic piston allows the user to control the level of resistance just like in a real gym. The benefits are that as your fitness increases you are still able to progress your workout and it is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike.            

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