Barnton Skate Park, Northwich

Barnton Skate Park, Barnton Parish Council, Urban Ramps Case Study

Barton Skate Park had become a rundown hub for antisocial behaviour. The Parish council wanted to put a stop to this, and reinvent the skate park and open it up to a much wider age group starting from as young as 3 upwards to teenagers and young people. The council consulted with local residents which shaped the brief for a new public area that would create a community hub for socialising, playing and being active outdoors.

The final design provides wheeled sport enthusiasts, from the beginners to the more experienced a wider range of opportunities for a varied ride, including ramps and grind rails and tables for practicing tricks. Amongst the equipment designed for the site was a centrepiece ramp dedicated to Tom Rawley, a young local. Tom took it upon himself to create his own fundraising scheme outside of the communities funding efforts to provide his friends and family with something the community could be proud of and enjoy all year round.

By getting the locals involved with the project, everyone is taking a lot of pride in the site, and parents are feeling a lot more secure about letting their children run off and have fun whilst they socialise with one another. It’s brilliant, it’s a lovely design, and it is really bringing everyone together.