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  • Client: Laverstock and Ford Parish Council
  • Project: Old Sarum MoD Open Space
  • Budget: £145,000
  • Year Installed: 2017

Old Sarum Community Playground

Laverstock & Ford Parish Council

Laverstock & Ford Parish  is a progressive community of four very different localities surrounding Wiltshire. The modern civil parish boundary is superimposed. It was a very ancient historic association which first linked the localities in to one administrative Parish. The Parish council now overlooks 3,700 residents and is kept together by the strong sense of community. In 2016, Laverstock and Ford Parish Council took ownership of the open space area at Old Sarum Airfield late 2016. The council had plans to deliver "Old Sarum Community Playground", a new community hub for the locals. As a result, the Parish Council took the project to tender to sift out the most innovative design that catered to their vision. Consequently, Jupiter Play won the tender by a landslide. Our success in the bid was due to the original design of the space, high quality material and impeccable customer service we provide our clients.


Old Sarum Community Playground Design

Jupiter Play designed an inter-generational space to reinvent Old Sarum Community Playground, catering to the needs of individuals of all ages. The focal point of the design was the play space, which challenges children from the age of 2 and above. It was created with a natural theme which complimented the surrounding aesthetics by using Robinia timber which maintains an organise shape to it's structure. The multiplay unit alone challenges children's climbing, balancing, speed and agility. The space has been beautifully landscaped and has regular spaced seating for parents to watch over their children.

Futhermore, for those who venture outdoors to engage in sports, we have created a ballarea adjacent to the focal space. This space has a fenced end and multiple goal options to expand choice of sports played on the space. Jupiter also thought it was important to create a social hang out area that teenagers would be able to respect. In addition, succeeded by incorporating our innovative interactive outdoor DJ Booth where children can share their music skills and enjoy the company of their friends in the outdoor environment.


Open Day at Old Sarum Community Playground

The Open day at Old Sarum Community Playground was a great success. Individuals and families of all ages came down to celebrate the opening of their new playground. Since it has opened to the public, the popularity has only grown. The playground is close local to multiple housing estates, making the walk to and from school more fun. This also allows parents to park the car and travel by foot during the weekends. Overall, this site has been a great success and is an excellent example of combining traditional and interactive play.

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Taking this project to tender allowed us to identify the best company for us. Jupiter Play have provided us with an amazing play space design and the quality of the material sits above anything else we have seen before. The open day was a great success - and the parents couldn't help having a go on the DJ Booth. We couldn't be happier with the result, and the community love their new hub!

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