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  • Client: Ollerton & Boughton Town Council
  • Project: Darwin Drive Energy Village
  • Budget: £120,000
  • Year Installed: 2017

Ollerton & Boughton - UK's Most Interactive Playground

Ollerton and Boughton Town Council

Ollerton and Boughton are two joining towns. The two councils came together during the closure of the Nottinghamshire mines. Since, the town lost a lot of it's personality. The town council decided it wanted to bring some life back to the community and create a brand new social hub. As a result, came the UK's most interactive playground. Ollerton and Boughton came to Jupiter Play and requested an original outdoor play area that would drive the locals together. Our sales & design consultant showed the council our interactive range, and they were hesitant. Although they wanted something new, our product we pitched caused concern as they were only familiar with traditional play. This new form of outdoor fun was unknown territory.

There is an unlimited amount of media our team could provide the council with showcasing this innovative form of play. However, nothing is more selling than to go and use a product in person. Our sales & design consultant took the council to their local interactive Sona Arch and they were instantly sold. Yalp's product range completely reinvents the meaning of play. The council knew if it was to attract their team, it was undoubtedly going to appeal to their local community.

Choosing the right products

After the council visited their local interactive site, it was time to decide which products they wanted incorporated into their design. The team made the decision to purchase the entire range. Jupiter Play asked what the driving force was behind this. The unique design, ability to update games, low maintenance, online monitor system and volume and time lock control helped persuade the council in their decision. The interactives are a revelation for play as they provide everything that has always been missing for park managers. This was exciting for the Council and for Jupiter because we were creating the UK's most interactive playground.


Building the UK's Most Interactive Playground

The Council purchased the entire Yalp interactive range. In addition, they purchased some of our kinetic powered interactive products. This decision allows children of all abilities to enjoy the outdoor play area.

SUTU: The Sutu is an interactive sports wall powered with sixteen panels that are activated when hit by a ball, stimulating children to be active and outside.

MEMO: The Yalp Memo is a the most exciting piece of educational and physical play all in one interactive play set.

SONA: The Sona is an audio-based game arch that encourages children to dance and have fun outdoors.

FONO: The Fono is a DJ-table made especially for the outdoors.

GAMENETIC: The Gamenetic is a small but powerful gaming centre with 4 games ranging from speed, memory and numeracy.

JUMPSTONE: The Jumpstone has the same characteristics as a trampoline but is designed to reuse the energy created from jumping to playing music.

Coming Soon...TORO: The Toro is a colourful and multi-functional sports field, whereby traditional goals have been replaced with interactive panels.


Opening the UK's Most Interactive Playground

The site opened up to the playground mid-July. The council have regularly monitored the products online since the opening. The community playtime hits above average compared to all products installed worldwide. We can monitor this on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The locals are loving the new play area and have also shown a new level of respect for the area. In addition, the public have reported less anti-social behaviour since the opening. The council believe this is down to the time lock shutting the products down at 9pm.

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"We are so excited to provide such fantastic facilities to the community. The enjoyment on the children's face says it all. The products are so fun and unique, definitely something for us to be proud of!"

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