Norwell - Back - NW102

Back Lateral Pull


The back lateral station is used to build up strength in the back, shoulders and biceps, this is a pull-down station, using your own weight
as resistance. Giving just the right amount of resistance for safe and effective training.

When seated, place both your hands on the bar above you. Palms facing forward in a wide grip, as far as possible from the centre of the bar. Pull yourself up by pulling the bar down, and try to get your head above the handlebar. The grip position can be changed to achieve more resistance. A closer grip equals more resistance. You can also try using just one arm.

The Norwell App and the ID-bands, including training instructions and QR codes, on each fitness station, inspire to exercise
and give full instruction of use.

Technical information
Age Range: 12+
No. of Users: 1
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: