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FHS 906110450L Balancing Beam Turning Log

Turning Log


The "Turning Log" is a more challenging alternative to the Balancing Beam. This unit is a great play and sport item for helping children in develop key skills. A balancing beam is a staple piece of playground equipment. Why not provide something new and unique, by upgrading to the Turning Log? This unit is a great addition to any trim trail course, or a complimentary unit to any natural play area. In addition, the beams are great in play areas by providing benefits to a child's vascular and muscular strength. This beam is a real challenge. however parents can guide children who are less confident by walking beside them. Clients can choose to adapt the unit by adapting the colour of the post.

Technical information
Age Range: 3+
No. of Users: 2+
Critical Fall Height: <0.6m
Surface Area: 26.5m²