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FHS 906171250R Belt Net Combo climbing Frame

Belt Net Combination


The "Belt Net Combination" is a linear climbing frame covering over 10m long. This unit is a perfect standalone item, or could be part of a larger climbing course. The middle sections are rubber with steel reinforcement and hercules ropes. These are suspended in the air with eye-catching posts which help the unit stand out against the surroundings. This unit provides opportunities to climb, balance practice co-ordination, but also doubles as a resting point. Children who are not as confident on their feet can use the holding ropes on the middle sections to help them cross the unit. Clients can choose to customize the unit by adapting the colour of the posts and rope. This unit is the perfect addition to any public space, school or holiday park!

In addition, this unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality, therefore can handle high football and robust play!

Technical information
Age Range: 4-12
No. of Users: 8
Critical Fall Height: 1.55m
Surface Area: 57.8m²