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FHS Birkenfeld Multiplay unit



The "Birkenfeld" multiplay unit is perfect for children to show their skills in climbing and balancing. The unit has a natural flow from one end to the other. As a result, this allows children to progress in difficulty as they move across the structure. This unit is great for children who are developing their skills in agility, balance and strength. Overall, this multiplay unit suits 6 years of age and above. The unit compliments the shape of robinia timber, and offers lots of play value. As a result, the Seeburg looks great within any natural setting. The platform can also be a great look out spots or rest points across the playground.

This is a great alternative to the Seeburg, if you are looking for something smaller!

This unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality which can handle high football and robust play!

The unit price does not include slide.

Technical information
Age Range: 5-12
No. of Users: 5+
Critical Fall Height: 2.1m
Surface Area: 107m²