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Galopin Dinamix DX103M Climbing Structure

Dinamix Climbing Challenge


Looking for the play value in a space net without the required space? This Dinamix Climbing Challenge is the perfect alternative! This climbing frame provides the ultimate challenge for upper body strength. It also provides users with alternative climbing methods. This allows children at different stages of development to enjoy the unit at once. In addition, this could be the perfect climbing unit for any public park or school playground!

The climbing frame has two sides with Hercules rope. However, one side has an extra aid of foot supports, meaning children can steady themselves as the reach the top. There is also a climbing wall with foot wells. Not only is this great for agility, children can also pretend they are climbing up the side of a mountain. Facilitating imagination and role play! Moreover, for those who want to get involved, but lack the confident there are ladder steps to experience height on the unit. Once at the top, there are arch parallel bars for children to hang and play before descending.

Product Options

This product is part of a range of contemporary style climbing frames. Smaller and larger units are available depending on budget and sizes of play areas. The dinamix range is also available in two colour schemes. Orange and blue or blue and grey. Depending on how bright you wish the play area to be. This can quickly become a custom unit if you wish for personal colours. Maybe something to resemble a school crest?

Technical information
Age Range: 4-14
No. of Users: 10
Critical Fall Height: 2.6m
Surface Area: 57m²