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FHS 906193050 Climbing Log

Climbing Log


The Climbing Log is a great addition to any playground where there are naturally varying heights in the area. The unit is a great play and sport item which helps balancing and co-ordination skills. The unit is perfect for infants as young as 3 years of age, because they are in fundamental stages of muscle growth. The Climbing Log is a simple but effective piece of play equipment, which can fit into any playground. You can include the log alongside other trim trail items to create the perfect adventure zone. As users climb, the log encourages concentration.

Children who aren't very confident with their balancing skills can use the rope as an extra level of support.

In addition, this unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel.

Technical information
Age Range: 3+
No. of Users: 3+
Critical Fall Height: 1m
Surface Area: 17m²