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Redes 4-Pole


Children will have endless hours on this climbing net, clambering through the different levels testing their agility and upper body strength.

Space nets are a traditional piece of playground equipment, and remain an obvious favourite in public parks. As a result, Galopin have come up with a range solely dedicated to this timeless piece of playground equipment. The domed shape is an alternative design to the traditional pyramid. This provides a more contemporary twist on the design, and has been found to be more appealing to park visitors. Inside the dome is a challenge of nets whereby children can climb up and through to reach the top. There are obvious levels in all space net, this allows children to locate rest points where needed. This is also great for children who want to challenge themselves and aspire to reach the next level. Once at the top there is a great look out point with a thick rim allowing children to hold on safely.

The traditional pyramid shape also means there is a point where children are no longer accessible by parents. With the dome shape, the nets remain wide. As a result, parents can be close to their child if they wish for the support.

Product Options

Galopin have created three dome space nets. They all become more difficult as the children reach the peak. However, they range in size. As a result, parks with smaller free space do not have to compromise. No matter the size and budget of the playground, children can enjoy the traditional space net!

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Technical information
Age Range: 4-14
No. of Users: 58
Critical Fall Height: 1.5m
Surface Area: 70.6m²