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FHS 906141170 Climbing Trunk Climbing Post

Climbing Trunk


The "Climbing Trunk" is a simple and effective piece of play equipment. The climbing post allows children to experience play at different heights. Because they're are foot wells at varying heights - children this unit suits children of all ages. Parents can stand next to their child and help them climb higher or just offer them support as they challenge themselves. The climbing posts encourage children to aspire to reach the next level. In addition, the posts are great in play areas by providing invaluable benefits to a child's vascular and muscular strength. These climbing posts come in two heights; 2.15m and 3.15m. Clients can choose to customize the unit by adapting the colour of the posts or adding sculptures on top to create a theme.

In addition, this unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality, therefore can handle high football and robust play!

Technical information
Age Range: 3-12
No. of Users: 2+
Critical Fall Height: 2.4m
Surface Area: