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Galopin Sensory Play Path F404

Comic Sensory Path


This sensory play path provides the very best inclusive elements Galopin has to offer. The great thing about this unit is that children can play in and out of the space, meaning that it instantly doubles the amount of users that can enjoy it at once. The path is wide enough to cater to all mobility aids, meaning no child is left out!

Once on the ramp, the sensory fun begins. From the inside, children can walk through the welcome arch and use the look out window. This can help the children to spy on their friends and family, play peek-a-boo, or use to focus on one point of vision. This is great for children who suffer with over-stimulation, as the window shape can block out what is in their peripheral vision! Moving along their sensory path the children can develop their fine motor skills with some tactile spinning elements. These are accessible from both sides of the unit, and can instantly become a game with someone on the other side! Moving further, there is a shop window where children can serve their next customer from the outside. This is great for encouraging imaginative play as well as helping children socialise.

As the children progress further, there is more elements of fun tactile games and a low level ramp which leads to a slide. Although the slide level is very low, there is an exit at this point where children can just leave the unit if the slide causes anxiety, or they are psychically unable.

Moreover, from the outside of the unit, a lot of the elements from the inside are accessible on the outside. This allows children to play together and understand team work and sharing. This may also help children who feel less confident as they have someone on the other side to help if they wish. The fun does not stop there! This sensory play path also has a game of naughts and crosses as well as a musical xylophone! This unit really is a pleasure for the senses, and allows children to develop fundamental skills.

Product Options

In addition, the unit is brightly coloured, creating an eye catching focal piece for any playground! This also helps the children identify games and new textures which they can explore. However, if installed in a school where children find these colours particularly offensive, these can be adapted to suit the preference!

This sensory play path can be the foundations of something larger. If you are looking for a completely inclusive design, our experienced design team can help to create your vision! We can also provide alternative products which hold more themes. These resemble items such as a train, or a car.

Technical information
Age Range: 2-6
No. of Users: 10+
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Surface Area: