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FHS Flat Seat Swings

Double Flat Seat Swing


Swing's are a traditional piece of outdoor playground equipment. What is better that one swing? A double swing! This double timber swing set has seat options allowing individuals to suit their target age bracket.

The ability to increase social opportunities is dependent on the client. These swings are perfect side by side, increasing how many users can enjoy the unit at once. The rubber seats cater to children who are able to sit up without support! An individual can increase the level of risk by pushing the swing with greater force. Children can increase the level of challenge by using the momentum of their body weight to move the swing! The swing helps users to develop a sense of rhythm, movement and manual strength.

Double Swing Options

Moreover, the structure is also available inĀ Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. In addition, all materials are hard wearing. This allows the swing set to stay as popular without worry of maintenance.

This unit also has multiple seat, bearing and height options. Allowing the perfect combination to suit any outdoor playground setting.

Technical information
Age Range: 3-14
No. of Users: 2
Critical Fall Height: 1.5
Surface Area: