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FHS 90142500R Double Cableway

Double Cableway


Cableway's are an excellent addition to any outdoor play area where pre-teens and adolescents will play. Children love the thrill of risk, and the double timber cableway is an excellent opportunity for individuals to experience this! By changing the momentum during the run-up will completely adapt the ride! Children can manipulate this to add a fun level of competition between peers. It is fun to judge which child travels the longest distance. Or which child can stay on during the change of direction at the end of the cable. The double seat option also allows children to race to each end. Alternatively, it simply provides children with support knowing their friend is experiencing the thrill at the same time!

Although the recommended age of use begins at 6, parents can assist children who aren't as confident sitting up right, and slowly walk them down the course. Cableways are an exciting piece of outdoor play equipment which also helps users to develop a sense of rhythm and manual strength.

Double Timber Cableway Options

In addition, the structure is also available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality therefore it can handle high football and heavy play! Moreover, the material options allow the unit to suit any outdoor playground environment. This unit also has multiple bearing, seat, length and ramp options. It is also available as a single seat runway. These options allow individuals to choose the perfect combination to suit their outdoor playground setting.

Technical information
Age Range: 6-14
No. of Users: 2+
Critical Fall Height: 1m
Surface Area: 185m²