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Galopin Fusion L1001A-Z_P Children's Double Swing with Lacquer:

Fusion Children's Double Swing


Swings are a must have in any play area. They are traditional, and timeless pieces of playground equipment. The amount of fun which is had on a swing is impossible to measure - and the fun never dies! As a result, it is important that we cater to children of all ages, and ensure everyone can enjoy this sensation! This children's double swing caters to toddlers and infants. The seat provides enough support for the child to stay upright whilst the carer supervises and helps the child with momentum.

Simple shapes (triangle, circle and square) create the design of the double swing. As a result, this allows children to understand the construction of the structures. The bright colours on the separating panels help these shapes stand out as well as attract the child to the unit. The colour scheme for the Fusion range also aims to represent the level of fun an individual can have in a playground. Bright colours are attractive and exciting, and this portrays the experience a child will have in the playground.

Product Options

If to aim is to create a more intergenerational play space, seat options are available to cater to different age groups. By simply swapping out a cradle seat for a flat seat the unit automatically caters to infants who are more confident at swinging without extra support. Equally, by swapping one of the seats to a sit-up seat this unit also becomes inclusive. This will allow children of all ages and abilities to play in harmony!

The Fusion design is an abstract range which is available in both wood and metal, depending on preferences.

Technical information
Age Range: 0-3
No. of Users: 2
Critical Fall Height: 1.16m
Surface Area: 21m²