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FHS Giant Shark Animal Sculpture

Giant Shark Sculpture


This large carved animal sculpture is a great way to bring a maritime theme to life, engaging imaginative play and inclusive play.

Every animal sculpture we deliver is slightly unique as they are all carved by skilled hands. The intricate detail allows children to benefit from sensory inclusive play. The shark holds many different textures, from the teeth to the gills and the fin. Children can explore animals and use them to enhance their imaginative play. Sculptures are often complimentary products in play areas, however are very popular with children. Provide a space of carved animals, and a group of children can have endless hours of fun getting creative and learning to socialise.

This shark sculpture is particularly great as the scale of it allows it to double as a resting point. It is a versatile piece of playground equipment which doubles as sculptural art.

Product Options

Because the unit is an organic structure, we can tailor it to suit any play area or theme. It is also possible to have a completely different animal and start from the drawing board to customize to add meaning to visitors!

Technical information
Age Range: 2-8
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height: 0.8m
Surface Area: 24.5m²