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This hammock is an excellent alternative to traditional seating. More often than not, playground designs miss seating! However, the ability to rest on a playground is invaluable to children. A playground can be a very exciting experience for a child which quickly becomes over stimulation. The dynamic movement of a hammock is instantly soothing to all of mankind. This is a brilliant solution for individuals when an environment becomes too much. In addition, this hammock is at the perfect level for an individual with a mobility aid to move into. This quickly changes the unit from a resting station to a piece of inclusive playground equipment. Children love the motion of a swing, and children with mobility aids don't often get to experience it. This hammock provides support and endless hours of fun for children who may not have experienced a gentle swaying from side to side before.

As a result, this hammock is a versatile piece of playground equipment and outdoor furniture. It is great when a piece of equipment has multiple uses as it encourages children to get creative with how to make sense of it! This particular unit can also fit more than one child on, encouraging individuals to socialise.


Product options

We provide three high quality timber options for the structure of this unit; pine, larch and robinia. If you are looking to create a more urban playground space, this product is also available with a steel structure. This hammock has cleverly twisted rope to provide a robust swing that needs little maintenance care! This rope has multiple colour options to suit your play space!

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