FHS Hellerberg Multiplay unit



The "Hellerberg" is an eye-catching multiplay unit with a unique design. There is multiple entrance points on the unit meaning there is no structure to the path children can take across the course. This encourages children to be creative with the path they take, and the challenges they risk. This also helps children who are less confident, as they can slowly progress across the unit as they develop. The Hellerberg unit combines tasks such as climbing, hanging, balancing and sliding. The three platforms can also be a great look out spots or rest points across the playground.

This unit is available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality which can handle high football and robust play!

The unit price does not include slide.

Technical information
Age Range: 5-12
No. of Users: 20
Critical Fall Height: 2.2m
Surface Area: 168m²