Norwell - Horizontal Ladder - NWSW109

Horizontal Ladder - Outdoor Gym Equipment


The Horizontal Ladder outdoor gym equipment trains endurance and disposition of strength. Training on Horizontal Ladder strengthens the upper body, arms and coordination skills.

Start at one end of the Horizontal ladder. Grab a handle with both hands and start to move across the ladder, only using your arms. Engage all your upper body muscles and move one arm at a
time, try to keep a steady pace. You can also start by doing pull-ups, with assistance by the vertical ladder at the end, to build up strength in your upper body

The Norwell App and the ID-bands, including training instructions and QR codes, on each fitness station, inspire to exercise and give full instruction of use.

Technical information
Age Range: 12+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: