Inclusive Play Wildlife Wheelspin

Wildlife Wheelspin


The Wildlife Wheelspin is the decorative alternative to the standard Wheelspin design. It has a softer aesthetic to fit in with more natural or landscaped environments. It's crucial not to underestimate the importance of dynamic moving activity for children. Feeling this type of movement and balance is great for engaging the vestibular and is vital for healthy brain development.

The Wheelspin has built in seating with a best rest. It seats 2-3 children providing comfort and the possibility of being seated with a carer if needed.

The most accessible and inclusive unit out of the moving range! It has ground level access and a large surface area that allows lots of children to play together.

Ground level access and the textured floor helps a child to move onto the unit and feel their way around to provide security and comfort.

The Wheelspin has space for lots of children who can choose to sit, stand or push it round. Whatever they choose they can feel truly included.


Technical information
Age Range: All ages
No. of Users: 3+
Critical Fall Height: 1m
Surface Area: 29.1m²