Interactive Play Playnetic GameWall 001



This interactive reaction wall combines the best of technology with the most fun elements of play. It is a perfect stand alone product, or great as an addition to existing play areas. It is versatile in how it is installed as well, as it can be free standing or mounted on a wall! This unit has a standard art work and games ready for children to play. However, the product can also come custom dependent your desire!

The product has super bright illuminated push buttons and digital sound quality. This is what sets the unit above other interactive reaction walls in the market! Built from high quality materials which can withstand -30° to +60°, the game wall is robust and suits all locations.

How does Interactive Reaction Wall Works?

There is no need to fear installation of this product, as it works completely off kinetic energy! Children crank the wheel until the game wall has enough energy. After this, the games begin! Individuals can choose from four interactive games; speed test, quick colours, memory and chase the light! The games encourage children to develop cognitive and physical skills as well as learning to work as a team! This unit is great for any public play area or a school playground! It also encourages children to understand new life skills in a fun and meaningful manner.

Product Options

The product is available in three finishings; smooth powder coating, UV resistant sticker or high quality sublimation print. The artwork can be completely bespoke to suit the theme of your playground!

Technical information
Age Range: 4+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: 265x116x16 cm