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galopin-redes-r31-nets-3d-1 pyramid net

Mini Pyramid Net


This mini pyramid net is perfect for children starting to test their confidence in upper body strength. It is important to encourage children to explore climbing and balancing as they are fundamental movement skills. This playground equipment combines both skills in a fun and unique way.

Structurally, it may resemble a pyramid or a space rocket. Due to the contemporary design, children get become creative in imagining what they wish. As a result, they could be climbing in their rocket and sitting to wait for launch. They could also be reaching the summit of a mountain! The simple design gets children role playing and exploring their physical skills without noticing.

The mini pyramid net is also great because the platform can be just as versatile as the design! Individuals can use the platform as a rest point, social hub or a look-out point!

This unit also a fun climbing piece for those who cannot yet tackle the larger space nets!

Technical information
Age Range: 4-14
No. of Users: 8
Critical Fall Height: 1m
Surface Area: 26.8m²