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Galopin Comic Mini Town

Comic Mini Town


This multiplay unit uses bright colours and simple shapes to attract and communicate with children. The upper deck boards resemble cartoon faces, which are intriguing to a younger audience. This facilitates imaginative and role play as children are able to animate simple shapes! These shapes and faces also help add character to the unit. Children will see this unit as an iconic play hut which can quickly dominate and brighten up the whole outdoor play area.

This unit also caters to children who have not yet mastered upper body strength and wish to stay close to ground level. The comic mini town has play value on both the lower and upper deck. On the bottom level, children are able to run underneath the unit and hear the patter of feet above. They are also able to use these as mini hideouts with their friends. On the outside of the lower deck are many tactile games. These games allow children to practice fine motor skills and challenge their cognitive skills. Once children have mastered the challenge of climbing, individuals can use the top deck as a look out point before crawling through the tunnel and sliding down the platform for more fun! This multiplay unit provides multiple different values of play, catering to all different ages.

Product Options

Although this multiplay unit is a great feature piece, these cluster of playhouses can be combined or reduced to suit site requirements. Various additions can create a large group and develop an explorer’s paradise through linking platforms and bridges. The unit can also be reduced to provide fun and excitement to smaller spaced playgrounds.

There are many other options available in this comic style.


Technical information
Age Range: 2-6
No. of Users: 30
Critical Fall Height: 1m
Surface Area: 56.2m²