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FHS Nest Swing

Nest Swing 2.6m


The nest swing is one of our most popular pieces of equipment as it is suitable for lots of children. The swing helps users to develop a sense of rhythm, movement and manual strength. The nest is at wheelchair accessible height, making it easier for wheelchair users to access.

This is also available in 2.1m height. This swing has a reinforced bearing (the bar pictured underneath the timber cross beam) which gives it more durability and prevents wrapping.

Standard Nest Swing Seat Option - Ovalis

Seat is mounted on stable metallic flanges that are welded to the carrying ring's insider part and are hard-wearing fixed with rivets.

HDPE, 8mm thick - UV Stable - Deep Dyed - High Impact Resistance - Physiologically Harmless

Alternative Nest Swing Seat Option - Rope Nest Basket

Ø 0.95 or 1.20 m with padded coloured rope ring, seat surface made of steel mesh cable. Suitable for bi-directional swings due to all-round padding.

Alternative Nest Swing Seat Option - Bird's Nest Basket Swing

Ø 1.00 or 1.20m with suspension ropes made of polyamide Hercules ropes with galvanised steel inlay. For playgrounds subject to low wear and with a low risk of vandalism; with low access height especially for playschools.

Technical information
Age Range: 3-14
No. of Users: 5+
Critical Fall Height: 2.20m
Surface Area: 27m²