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Shelter Spree Forest


This shelter unit is a great addition to any large playground. Not only does it provide amble seating opportunity, it also provides hooded shelter. The seating is at a perfect height where the posts can double up as bike posts. This means children can cycle to the play area and then have fun with their friends! Because the space is clearly marked off, children could use this space as a calming zone if they struggle from over-stimulation. Alternatively, the unit could encourage the elderly to engage with nature. This attractive piece of outdoor furniture would be the perfect place to walk to and read a book, even on drizzly days!

In addition, this piece of outdoor furniture would also be great in a leisure and tourist attraction. Many sites have themed areas, and this would fit seamlessly into a natural space. It could even enhance an area, for example a woodland animal zoo area. The natural organic shape could lend itself to the aesthetics of the space - creating a more enchanted space!

For those looking to add personal touches, we can offer any colour to stain the wood in order to enhance any existing theme to your space!

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