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Galopin JSA013 ROtating Wheel Gym-outdoor gym

Rotating Wheel


This Rotating Wheel encourages all generations to work out together. Our gym equipment provides support bar making them suitable for use of the elderly. In addition, this rotating wheel is a perfect addition to an outdoor gym because it is completely versatile in it's uses. The rotating movement helps fight joint rigidity and tones fundamental movements to complete everyday tasks. Standing perpendicular to the unit, it is possible to continue experimenting with stretches and range of movement. This unit is a great help for shoulder and elbow joints as well as abdominal muscles.

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Overall, this piece of fitness equipment is a must have for your outdoor gym! It is the perfect addition to complete any circuit. This unit is available in a variety of finishes and colours helping it fit in with any design. This particular version is carbon steel with zinc coating to provide excellent protection towards corrosion.

The Rotating wheel is great if individuals are looking to take advantage of a full body stretch. Individuals can also use the unit to help improve balance and coordination. In addition, this is great for people with a range of fitness aims. Individuals can be new to sporting activities, in recovery, or elderly!

Technical information
Age Range: 14+
No. of Users: 1
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: