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Oblique Trainer


The Oblique Trainer is a great addition to your outdoor gym, and there is no comparison to it in a commercial gym. This unit provides similar individuals with similar motion patterns to the Jogger. In addition, the Oblique Trainer is just as versatile as the Jogger and the rest of our fitness range. This unit caters to both cardio and strength workouts for any outdoor gym. As a result, is the perfect addition to any outdoor gym area. Individuals can stand on the foot and perform a sideways swinging action. This will result in stronger obliques and abdomen as well as providing a good cardio workout. Individuals have the option to use the support bars depending on how much they want to work their core with their workout. This also allows the unit to cater to the elderly as it helps provide extra level of support.

Alternatively, individuals could use the support bars to suspend themselves in the air and engage in core exercises. Alternatively, for a more strength based session, users could also use these support bars for triceps dips, allowing them to benefit from an arm workout. For a warm down, individuals can stand on ground level and reach to the support bars and stretch out their body muscles. For a more strength based workout, individuals can use the bar to lift body weight with their feet firmly on the ground.

Product Options

This piece of fitness equipment is a must have for your outdoor gym! Options are available to suit any outdoor gym space. This unit is available in a variety of finishes. This particular version is carbon steel with zinc coating to provide excellent protection towards corrosion.

The Oblique Trainer is clearly a great addition if individuals are looking to take advantage of a full body workout. Individuals can endure a low-impact oblique and hip workout as well as helping improve balance and coordination. This is great for people with a range of fitness aims. Individuals can be new to sporting activities, in recovery, or elderly!

Technical information
Age Range: 14+
No. of Users: 1
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: