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Outdoor Seating FHS 909222100R Net Bench

Net Bench


We have a wide range of products in our park seating range but nothing like the supported net bench!

This netted style seating is a great alternative to a traditional bench. The high quality timber can help enhance the aesthetics of any natural playground. A play area can be an exciting thing for a child, however this can quickly turn to over-stimulation. By having regular seating throughout a playground allows children to sit and have a rest. This helps avoid anxiety attacks, and allows them to rest long enough to build energy and keep going again. This unit is also a great addition for parents to take advantage of whilst watching their children.

Outdoor seating is often neglected in playground designs, however with a beautiful structure like this, not anymore! The design of this bench compliments natural surroundings making it a perfect addition to any public space! Made from Robinia timber, this product will also stand the test of time with very little maintenance care! Another advantage of the netted style seating is that you will witness no rain collection on the seat, as it will go straight through the holes! Now individuals can enjoy dry park seating after downpour spells.

Product Options

Although the product is only available in robinia timber, we have multiple colour options for the rope!

Technical information
Age Range: 3+
No. of Users: 3
Critical Fall Height: 0.7m
Surface Area: