Norwell - Parkour - NWSW115

Parkour - Outdoor Gym Equipment


The Parkour outdoor gym equipment is a versatile training station, both fun for climbing and efficient for the strengthening of several muscles. It can be used for training the upper body and abdominal area and allows several people to train at once.

You can strengthen your body awareness, muscle mass and balance while moving over, under, and through obstacles.  Also, the bars are great for dips, push-ups and pull-ups. Parkour is popular for training the upper body, legs and core - there is nothing right or wrong.

The Norwell App and the ID-bands, including training instructions and QR codes, on each fitness station, inspire to exercise and give full instruction of use.

Technical information
Age Range: 12+
No. of Users: 3
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: