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FHS 904622100R Pendulum Swing

Pendulum Swing


The "Pendulum Swing" is a very popular piece of outdoor playground equipment. The swing is dynamic and caters to children of all ages. An individual can increase the level of risk by pushing the swing with greater force. The swing helps users to develop a sense of rhythm, movement and manual strength. In addition, the pendulum swing provides a social gathering place. Swings are a traditional piece of playground equipment, and the pendulum provides a fun alternative. Moreover, the pendulum swing can be used by groups of children facilitating relationship building and bonding exercises. If the swing is among other dynamic pieces of playground equipment, children are able to compete in performance of movement! This allows children to enjoy a healthy taste of competition!

Pendulum Swing Options

The tyre seat is also available as a nest seat depending on the clients preference. In addition, the structure is also available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality therefore it can handle high football and heavy play!

Technical information
Age Range: 8-14
No. of Users: 3+
Critical Fall Height: 2.4m
Surface Area: 58m²