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Playhouse FHS Shelter Lasse 909245300R Furniture Product Image

Shelter Lasse


The Shelter Lasse is designed with a modern look to appeal to all ages. It is a playhouse with a new vibe, and also has multiple uses! Designed using our high quality Robinia timber, this shelter is sure to last as long as the fun memories that come with it! The unit encourages children to engage in imaginative play when using playhouses - and the simple structure of this unit definitely helps this! It allows the children to make the unit into whatever they want. The iconic slanted roof could be a kite, a plane roof, a flag, the possibilities are endless. In addition, this helps facilitate socialisation amongst the children. Moreover, because there are no immediate challenges on the unit, children will socialise with others of different ages as well!

Although this unit will provide excellent play value for younger individuals, it does not exclude teenagers and parents. This is a great spot for teenagers to hang out and enjoy one each others company in the outdoors. Alternatively, parents can choose to sit on the fencing benches and watch their children play.

Product Options

The use of high quality Robinia timber means the unit requires little maintenance to keep it's . It is possible to cater the unit to suit playground aesthetics with our unique timber staining process.

Technical information
Age Range: 6+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height: <0.6m
Surface Area: 40.5m²