Galopin Prometeo L18 Metal Double Swing

Prometeo Double Swing


Swings are pieces of traditional playground equipment. They are loved by all, no matter your age. The motion is fun, and we just cannot get enough! As a result, swings are a must have in any playground setting - and cannot be missed! This double swing allows two friends to swing beside one another. Increasing the element of fun, children are able to become competitive and challenge one another. The simple design allows the children to become competitive with the games they play. Although there are only two seats, this doesn't limit the unit to two children. This unit can facilitate a group of children. Supervised, two children may push their friends and the competition may be who they can push higher in the air. Without the aid of their friends pushing, children may see how high they can get on their own.

This particular double swing has offset posts, so the children can get a better view of one another when swinging. The design of the posts offers a contemporary twist on traditional outdoor play equipment. The saying might be "if it isn't broken, don't fix it", but no one ever said anything about making the design more exciting. The unique sculpture adds an interesting element to the playground and could also be used as an icon for the surroundings.


Product Options

This product can cater to the varying ages of a play area by changing the seats. This unit could even have a basket swing, which will increase the amount of children who can enjoy even further!

Technical information
Age Range: 3-14
No. of Users: 2
Critical Fall Height: 1.14m
Surface Area: 21.75m²