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Galopin Promete A30 Balancing Cable

Prometeo Balance Cable


The Prometeo Balance Cable is the ultimate upgrade of a balancing beam. This unit requires balance, coordination, concentration and teamwork in order to cross. As an individual starts at one end, the middle posts are not stationary and rock with the weight distribution. As you start to understand the perfect state of balance and coordination, a new individual begins on the other side of the unit and sets the balance off once again. The more individuals on the unit, the harder that the challenge becomes. This unit is great for individuals of all ages, and helps children understand the importance of communication and team work.

The unit is the perfect stand alone or focal point of a play area. It can provide endless hours of fun, and also encourages intergenerational play. It is possible for wheelchair users to enjoy the unit also! They can engage by pulling on the bottom cables or pushing the rotating posts. They can be the task masters and manipulate the difficulty of the game!

This unit was originally created by an architect with a desire to reflect the beauty of the surrounding land through a sleek geometric structure. Since, the unit has become incredibly popular, and is sure to add that wow factor to any outdoor play space.

Prometeo Design

The Prometeo family is a sculptural range that aspires to draw together contemporary art and the value of play. The shapes represent masts of boats or urban trees, creating a real forest of metal. The inspiration comes from the basis of transparency and simplicity, allowing the user to view the park without any interference. It is extremely resistant and requires minimal maintenance since its few surfaces prevent any vandalism. Prometeo balancing cable is part of a range with a great dynamism, enabling both environmental and generational integration.
The structures are made with a grey coloured lacquered steel and the tethered swing chain is made of stainless steel.

Technical information
Age Range: 4-14
No. of Users: 20
Critical Fall Height: 2.5m
Surface Area: 144m┬▓