Norwell - Pull Up - NW104

Pull Up


The pull up is primarily used to strengthen the muscles in the arms and shoulders, but the abdominals can also be training with this station. Pull Up is a versatile training station, allowing different exercises for multiple training levels.

Start by grabbing the top bar, palms facing forwards. Keep your shoulders back and your core engaged, move slowly upward until your chin is above the bar, then equally slowly downward until your arms are extended again. If this exercise is too hard,
start by grabbing the top bar, face towards the ribs, place your feet on a rib, and use the rib as weight support, now move slowly upward to the bar, then equally slowly downward.

The Norwell App and the ID-bands, including training instructions and QR codes, on each fitness station, inspire to exercise
and give full instruction of use.

Technical information
Age Range: 12+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height:
Surface Area: