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galopin-redes-r04-nets-3d-1 pyramid net

Pyramid Net


Net structures are timeless pieces of outdoor play equipment. The designs are widely different, ranging the size the age bracket and the difficulty. This is what makes space nets so fun to children. They never see the same challenge but from the outside they all look like the same fun pyramid net! This traditional pyramid net targets children's climbing, balancing, agility and concentration skills. To reach the top it is a real challenge, both mentally and physically!

The great thing about the structure that Galopin have designed is the clean aesthetic finish suiting both urban and naturally environments. This allows the pyramid net to fit in perfectly with any public park or school playground. This grand net system is a great focal piece for any playground. It is also a perfect place for children to use as a meeting point and socialise with one another.

Pyramid Net Product Options

Galopin have also designed a double unit to increase play value allowing up to 16 children to enjoy. This is a perfect product for sites that are looking to utilise free space that offers children a range of elements of play.

Technical information
Age Range: 5-12
No. of Users: 14
Critical Fall Height: 81m
Surface Area: 80.9m²