Yalp Sona Move and Play arch

Yalp Sona

The Sona is an audio-based piece of interactive play equipment made for the outdoors. Powered through an in-ground 230V AC cable with energy expenditure comparable to a light bulb, the large orange arch is recognizable from a distance, and therefore a real eyecatcher.

With one simple push of a button, various games can be chosen and played. A motion-sensitive camera in the top of the arch observes and coordinates all user movement. Instructions are given through the built-in speakers, and youths know how to play the multiple games available, intuitively.

Connected with a 3G-Sim, you can manage your own device(s) on the MyYalp portal with your unique log in credentials. Here you can manage the settings to the SONA i.e. volume, language, arch light, time lock and games available as well as track which games are most popular and when they are in use.

There is a range of games available for the SONA, which are constantly being updated as well as new ones being created to keep the game fresh and fun;

  1. Freeze: When the music stops so do you! First to move is out until there is only one standing

  2. Dance Battle: Two teams of dancers, when the music starts you move to the beat. When the song ends, the winner is decided.

  3. Reaction Race: A game of speed and agility

  4. Animal Quest: Try and find the right animal sounds by moving around the dance mat.

  5. Results Race: Jump on the right solution for the sum you hear before others.

  6. Commando: Commando is a game for the team - by reacting correctly to the instructions the sona gives you, you will get more points.

  7. Code Breaker: Try to remember the code, and walk to the numbers in the right

  8. Move Maker: Dancing game, doing different moves every round of 1 minute. Who is the best dancer?

Technical information
Age Range: 1-100
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Surface Area: