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galopin-redes-spider-nets-3d-1 climbing net

Spider Net


This climbing net is popular choices of outdoor playground equipment. It spans many age groups whilst offering a clean aesthetic. This spider net has a contemporary design with 6-offset posts as the main structure. This helps the unit fit into any urban or public park space.

This climbing net is a great alternative to a traditional space net. The fun shape resembles a spider and it challenges balancing as well as climbing skills. These beginning balancing ropes also allow younger children enjoy the unit also. Their parents can support them as they walk up the rope. Alternatively, they can use the rope above as support, and shuffle along the rope. This unit is great for children to explore new ways to get through a challenge. It allows them to be adventurous and creative with their cognitive thought process.

Studies have shown children have reduced upper body strength over the last decade. Climbing units help develop these muscles, as well as balance coordination and agility. This unit really challenges the whole body both physically and mentally. In addition, for those who are unable to conqure the unit, can also enjoy the shape of the spider. Allowing more uses than just one!

Technical information
Age Range: 3-14
No. of Users: 10
Critical Fall Height: 2m
Surface Area: 64.82m²