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Fhs Turntable Dia 2.5m

Turntable 2.5m


The Spinning Turntable is an inclusive piece of outdoor play equipment. The rotating device can offer children a thrill whilst doubling as a relaxing station. This makes the unit a valuable addition to any outdoor play area because it caters to all ages and abilities. Younger children are also able to gradually learn about the fun of speed on roundabouts. As the children gain self-confidence they can challenge their sense of balance and limits on rotation. This allows the spinning turntable to perfectly fit any school playground. It helps develop fundamental stages of growth. In addition, children with special needs will also enjoy this unit for endless hours. The children can lay on the unit whilst a parent spins the turntable, helping calm or develop key senses.

Spinning Turntable Options

Moreover, this unit is also available in different sizes. These options will help the unit fit seamlessly into your playground.

Technical information
Age Range: 8-16
No. of Users: 5+
Critical Fall Height: 1.5m
Surface Area: 57m²