FHS 901330100R Rope End Swing Standing Rope Swing

Rope End Swing


The "Standing Rope Swing" is an exciting piece of outdoor play equipment. The swing is caters to individuals of all ages. Users are able to increase the level of risk by pushing their weight each end of the swing with greater force. The swing helps users to develop a sense of rhythm and movement. In addition, the standing rope swing provides a social place because children work as a team. Swings are a traditional piece of playground equipment, and the rope end swing is an exciting alternative. Moreover, groups of children can use the swing encouraging relationships. If the swing is among other dynamic pieces of playground equipment, children are able to compete in performance of movement! This allows children to enjoy a healthy taste of competition!

Standing Rope Swing Options

In addition, the structure is also available in Robinia, Pine, Larch and Steel. All material options are high quality therefore it can handle high football and heavy play! Moreover, the material options allow the unit to suit any outdoor playground environment.

Technical information
Age Range: 3-14
No. of Users: 5+
Critical Fall Height: 1.5m
Surface Area: 36m²