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FHS 907224350R Teepee Course Little Path stepping stilts

Teepee Course Little Path


This Teepee Course is a fun and unique twist on traditional stepping stilts. The modern design has creative teepee's on either side of the course which children can also climb across. This unit is brilliant for a fun game of "The floor is Lava". Due to the themed teepee's, this unit is also a great foundation for a game of roleplay with friends.  This stilts course can also be a simple enhancement to any Indian playspace within a natural environment. Children can jump from post to post or play underneath the teepee huts. This unit has a simple design, but can provide endless ours of fun for children of all ages!

Technical information
Age Range: 2-12
No. of Users: 12
Critical Fall Height: <0.6m
Surface Area: