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FHS 906110180 Trunk Pile Robinia Climbing Frame

Trunk Pile


The "Trunk Pile" design resembles a pile of fallen logs. There is no clear idea of what children can do with the unit, which allows them to explore how they wish. Furthermore, this encourages the children to socialise with one another to figure out how to play. This unit fits seamlessly into any natural play area because of the aesthetics. Children can enjoy climbing, balancing and crawling on this climbing frame. There are many informal play opportunities on this unit providing children with endless hours of fun! It is also great fun, as lots of children can play on the unit at once!

In addition, this unit is available in Robinia. All materials are high quality, therefore can handle high footfall and robust play!


Technical information
Age Range: 4-12
No. of Users: 10
Critical Fall Height: 1.3m
Surface Area: 30m²