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galopin-redes-sadto-nets-3d-1 climbing net

Ultimate Net


If you are looking for the perfect climbing net that challenges all ages and is suitable as a showcase item - search no more! This net is part of Galopin's redes range, and is everything you ever dreamed of as a child! A climbing challenge with no end! This unit can hold 48 children per one time - totalling over the amount in two school classrooms! This unique and contemporary design is sure to wow any visitors to your play area. The aesthetics of the unit allow the net structure to perfectly compliment and urban or natural environment.

Our natural instinct is to climb and balance, so why not provide something which facilitates this. With obvious levels, starting very low, this unit can be used by children of all strengths. For children who are less confident, they are able to use the sloped nets to take their body weight and shuffle. This allows the children to focus on mastering their balance before climbing higher. For children who have no fear, once at the top of the climbing net they can challenge themselves to reach the slide. Once they've reached the peak, they can slide down and begin again starting at a new stage. Each side is a new challenge. They're numerous paths the children can take to reach the top, giving them a new adventure every time!

Product Options

This unit is sure to offer endless hours of fun, and with the robust structure of Galopin’s rope materials means a reduction in maintenance costs. The colour of rope can be adapted to suit preference. Possibly the colours of a school crest?

Technical information
Age Range: 4-14
No. of Users: 50
Critical Fall Height: 1.9m
Surface Area: 95.5m²