Join the International Sutu Wall Competition Today

The interactive SUTU football wall is a popular piece of playground equipment. The continuous development of new game content helps provide the public with new challenges which encourages them to keep coming back for more. To enhance the play experience on the SUTU, the Yalp research and development team have designed a free downloadable app from the Apple and Google Play stores that enters users into an international competition. Available for all (existing) interactive football walls, players all over the world can submit their high scores and collect awards as they improve and move up the leader board!


The Yalp app was designed to provide individuals with a different level of fun, in the form of friendly competition. This boosts user’s motivation to keep returning to the interactive football wall and improve their position on the leader board. With the new app, players can look up the location of the nearest SUTU, play a high score game, claim their personal score on site and take their spot in the rankings. Who will be the best Yalp SUTU player in a friendship group? Or in the neighbourhood? Or in the world? The only way to find out is to install the app and upload your progress.


The SUTU challenges individuals who are more inclined to live a sedentary lifestyle and prefer to stay indoors. The best feature of the app? Combined with the SUTU, it captures the allure of this demographic by making use of modern technology and combining the positives of the digital world with traditional play, to provide new and innovative games that will encourage people to get outdoors and beat their friends again and again.


Download the app for free today and find your local SUTU to start playing!

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