• Alconbury Weald UK's Largest Housing Development
  • Daisy's Garden, Cheshire Ice-Cream Farm
  • Hudson Way, Somerset
  • Weedon Recreation Ground
  • Outdoor Gyms Project, Camden
  • West Scotland Autism Centre
  • Meadow Park Interactive Play

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Biting Back at the Bad Reputation of Timber!

Timber playgrounds have been the focus of unwanted attention, largely due to the poor quality of products available on the market. We revisit some of the 2008-2010 playbuilder timber sites funded by central government to challenge this negative reputation.

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Join the International Sutu Wall Competition Today

The interactive SUTU football wall is a popular piece of playground equipment. The continuous development of new game content helps provide the public with new challenges which encourages them to keep coming back for more. To enhance the play experience on the SUTU, the Yalp research and development team have designed a free downloadable app […]

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