A brand new item perfect for any park, play area or MUGA. BoxUp offers sports and leisure equipment on-site, where it’s needed, free to the user. Lockers can be equipped with anything the community or space needs. Tennis rackets, footballs, skateboards, or even yoga mats, BoxUp has you covered. You can see their range HERE -the possibilities are endless.

Users register their ID on the app to get access, they can then open a locker with their chosen piece of equipment free to use. If the item isn’t returned the user gets alerted, and eventually banned from the service. So far they have over a 99% return rate.

BoxUp gives free access to equipment, allowing communities to try new things, embrace new sports, and get active in their parks.

How it works with BoxUp

1. Download the application

New users register on the BoxUp application available on App Store and Google Play

2. Choose the activity

Users select an available locker containing the equipment from the nearby BoxUp station.

3. Enjoy doing sports

The equipment is made available free of charge to the population in accordance with the general conditions of use.

4. Return the materials

The activity ends by taking a picture of the material in the locker through the transparent glass.

Get you moving without constraint

BoxUp is committed to encouraging people to get moving by offering an innovative and autonomous system for making sports and leisure equipment available. Totally free to use, this solution aims to promote physical, sporting and leisure activities to a wide public, in the heart of green spaces close to urban areas.

Promoting movement throughout the world

The Active Cities Project has installed BoxUp in 5 cities across Ireland with tremendous success.

Mary Corry, National Active Cities Officer, said:

“Working collectively to identify practical solutions is a key focus of the project. We know that for some, accessing equipment can be a real barrier to their participation, and with so many facilities, parks and open spaces across our cities, it’s important we try to meet the needs of individuals to enable them to be active.”

Because physical activity must be accessible to everyone, our aim is to become the international benchmark for an autonomous solution for making sports and leisure equipment available, free of charge, via mobile application.

Adaptable to any need

Stations are available from two lockers upwards meaning you only purchase exactly what your space needs.

Hassle free replacements if items go missing or get broken.

Add your logo, or even look for sponsorship from the local community. Graphics can be tailored however you like.

BoxUp is already having huge success, and we are excited to bring this nationwide.