Buckden House Low Ropes, Bradford

Buckden House

Buckden House is an outdoor adventure centre in the Upper Wharfedale valley that provides outdoor activities and team building weeks for children and groups and we worked on behalf of Bradford Council. The site was quite complex as it was in a root protection zone and therefore the foundations had to all be hand dug and we weren’t able to use any machinery for lifting the equipment. The whole plan also had to go through rigorous planning applications as not to disrupt the natural area or stand out too much.

The FHS unit Feldberg was used within the play space at Buckden House – enabled lots of children to climb, balance, jump and socialise with one another.

“The flexibility from Jupiter Play to provide us with exactly what we wanted has been amazing. They were able to work with a difficult landscape and were considerate whilst working on a listed building ground.” 

Lee Anne Sagar, Project Coordinator—Bradford Metropolitan District Council


Everyone who has viewed the site has said it looks amazing and that they can’t wait to use it!