Europa Way, Myton Green: ‘The Creme de la Creme of parks’

Myton Green: The Creme de la Creme of parks

Myton Green is a brand group of new playgrounds, on a brand new housing development just off Europa Way. Myton Green is a 96-acre residential development site made up of 735 new homes and over 25 acres of the site is public open space and green infrastructure with six equipped play areas.

Michael Peachey from The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust said: “We have been committed from the outset to providing first-class public open space on this site. The Covid pandemic has shown how the benefits of fresh air, open leisure space and quality play equipment is essential to health and well-being. We are pleased after a long journey and having worked closely with Warwick District Council that local residents are now able to access this space following its adoption, and that existing and future residents will have enjoyment from these areas for many years to come.”

Rebecca Butler from the blog Adventures in Warwickshire & Beyond said: This the the Creme de la Creme of parks. We have visited a lot of parks and this has to be one of, if not the best park that we’ve been to. We got caught in about 5 snow storms and not once did the boys want to leave. They had the best time. There is something for every age group and the sand area was a massive hit – we’ve just got to remember to take our buckets and spades next time.

Quality play spaces

It is statistically proven that more people want to live near a park, not only to occupy their children or for health and wellbeing but also for property value. Living near a park, less than half a mile away can boost property value, of anywhere between 8% – 20%. 

Having a playspace nearby can: improve views; increase the quality of life; be an added to convenience; and, help form a local community – all of which are appealing to many new buyers. 

Read more here about the importance of high quality spaces.


*photo credit Adventures in Warwickshire & Beyond *


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